It costs 3 € per person to book a slot for a visit. You can pay online with

This reservation helps you to avoid possible queues, however you will still need to pay your ticket on arrival.

3 € will be then fully redeemed from the ticket price if you arrive on time.

  • Fully redeemable if you are on time.
  • Not redeemable if you are more than 10 minutes late. You still use your booking pass until the end of the day though, but just cannot redeem it.
  • The redeemable amount is per person. If one person is missing in your group, you cannot redeem his 3 €.
  • Not redeemable if you arrive with more people than planned in your booking, but you can still use your booking pass.
  • You cannot postpone or get it refunded in case of a no-show or cancellation.